January 25, 2021
The MP Filtri team, present with its branches all over the world, supports the special projects and initiatives of all its international offices. For this reason, it strongly championed the new idea conceived by the British branch for the Irish and British market. Indeed, our UK branch has recently launched some innovative hire purchase and leasing services for MP Filtri products, which allows buyers in the UK and Ireland to easily purchase a wide range of products, guaranteeing them substantial savings. 
MP Filtri is now offering its customers a completely new Hire Purchase and Leasing service.

Available in the UK and Ireland, the new service allows companies to access the very latest contamination monitoring technology – including the new LPA3 and ICM 4.0 particle counters – with interest-free terms over one, two and three years.

The scheme ensures purchases are tax-deductible and easy-payment terms gives companies large or small opportunities to purchase or lease cutting-edge machinery without the need for sizeable capital expenditure.

The new services have been launched to support businesses in uncertain times and make it easier for them to manage their initial purchase costs and budgets while still giving access to technology which will save them money, prevent unplanned downtime, and protect their equipment. 

Products available include:

•        The new Wifi-enabled ICM 4.0 inline particle counter, which thanks to its suite of remote connection and
          monitoring options enables operators to analyse contamination levels while working offsite
          a major advantage during lockdowns and travel restrictions.
•        The LPA3 portable particle counter
•        The ICM 2.0 Inline Contamination Monitor
•        And the BS500 Bottle Sampler
The company is supporting the purchase of new products with a choice of three service support packages that include full recalibration services, inspection and analysis with rapid turnaround times.