MP Filtri`s Product selection software, online booking for re-calibration of particle counters and oil analysis are available supplying both customer support and convenience in the fluids` cleaning for everyone world-wide.


MP Filtri has developed a simple, yet highly comprehensive product selection software program for filtration & bell housing & coupling products to enable the customer to select their chosen product by entering simple system and product parameters.

Select the specific product type & enter system parameters


MP Filtri allows regular planning of recalibration of the particle counter range of products guaranteeing reliable and consistent reporting of contamination levels.
The turnround time for standard service is 20 working days from the appointment date.


MP Filtri can offer a wide range of tools to support customers and help them configure the best solutions for their needs. We have created this useful tool to help you select any 3D drawing from our wide range of CAD files, helping you find the product that best fits your requirements. It`s quick and easy to use - just insert the data required to find your product.