General conditions of sale and warranty

The supply includes exclusively the items described in the order confirmation. Any variations from these
general conditions of sale must be expressly requested at the time of order placement; we reserve the right
to expressly approve them.
Any clauses added by the client to orders, notes or correspondence shall not be valid without the vendor`s
express written approval.
1 – Models, drawings, illustrations and instructions for the construction and installation of the goods supplied
are not included in the sale and are the exclusive property of the vendor.
2 – Copies of such may be handed over merely as an act of courtesy. Such copies shall not be duplicated or
disclosed to third parties.
1 – Where advance payment of part of the price is indicated in the order confirmation, this acts as a deposit
(art. 1385 of the Italian Civil Code)
2 – Advance payments are not interest-bearing.
3 – In the event of the order confirmation being rescinded due to breach by the client, any advance
payments shall be withheld by the vendor as compensation, without prejudice to the right to claim for
greater damages.
1 – The delivery term stated in the order confirmation is not binding and is given merely as an approximate
indication. A tolerance of two months from the date of shipment is permitted, without prejudice to the
provisions of point D3.
2 – Delayed delivery shall in no way lead to the right to compensation or indemnity of the client, nor shall it
be cause for termination of the contract.
3 – In the event of force majeure or other fortuitous events, the delivery term will automatically be
postponed by a period of time equal to that of the fortuitous event.
4 – Goods are delivered at the warehouses of the vendor. The vendor may deliver the goods to the shipper
for transport to the client on behalf of and at the charge of the client; in such case the vendor is exempt of
all liability.
1 – The goods travel at the risk and peril of the client, who shall therefore check the goods on arrival and in
the event of damage claim to the transporter or shipper.
2 – The goods are not insured for transportation unless otherwise specified in the order confirmation.
1 – The client confirms his knowledge of all the features of the goods supplied, as described by the vendor
in the catalogues, price lists, offers, etc. in force at the time of order confirmation, and confirms that he has
received a copy thereof prior to the order.
2 – All technical data given in the catalogues concerning yield, production, consumption, speed, flow rate,
weight etc. are indicative only. The product identification codes are given to refer the goods to the technical
features described in the vendor`s catalogues.
3 – The vendor reserves the right to deliver the ordered goods with any technical modifications deemed
necessary or useful.
1 – The goods will be tested at the vendor`s workshop prior to delivery, after which the equipment is
deemed to be accepted by the client with exemption of all liability on the part of the vendor.
2 – At the request of the client, the vendor may send installation and testing staff for the installation of the
equipment at the client`s premises. These services will be charged by the
MO-MPF-203 REV. 1.0 del 10/03/2015 5
vendor to the client according to the Assofluid tariffs in force on the date the service is requested.
3 – The client is liable for the storage of the equipment or materials, spare parts, clothing and personal
property of the installation and testing staff.
4 – The costs of any installation and/or testing at the client`s premises shall be paid immediately, at the
conditions laid down in the order confirmation.
1 – To be accepted, complaints concerning faults or deformities must be made in writing by registered letter
within eight days from the date of delivery or, in the cases provided for in article E, from the date of arrival
of the goods at destination, or for hidden defects, from the date in which the hidden defect was discovered.
Hidden defect refers solely to faults that a full and accurate quality control by the client could not detect.
2 – All claims shall in any case be accepted only within three months of delivery, after which term, if no case
has been brought before the courts, no further complaints shall be valid, in derogation of the provisions of
the Italian Civil Code.
3 – The vendor`s liability is in any case limited to the replacement of any faulty parts, excluding all rights to
reimbursement or reduction of the price and all other compensation for damages.
4 – The months of warranty covering the goods are intended for the use of the equipment in working shifts
of eight hours per day. Any usage for longer periods shall lead to the reduction of the warranty to three
months from the date of delivery.
1 – The vendor provides a warranty for the normal mechanical operation of the supplies for a period of one
year (without prejudice to the provisions of point H 4) from the date of delivery.
2 – The warranty is limited to the replacement of faulty parts due to the poor quality of the materials or
construction. It shall not cover defects resulting from natural wear or improper use or negligence by the
client or pieces which due to their material composition or nature of their usage are subject to rapid
3 – Faults or defects must be notified by registered letter within eight days of their discovery, otherwise they
shall not be deemed to be valid. When acknowledging the existence of the defect, the vendor undertakes to
replace the faulty parts, provided that they have not been tampered with in an attempt to repair them and
have not been modified by the client (or third parties), and provided that the client has duly fulfilled all
contractual obligations, particularly concerning payments which, if not made in the agreed terms, shall lead
to the invalidity of the warranty and the right of the vendor not to carry out the replacements.
4 – All other indemnities and requests for compensation, also by third parties, or for damages due to the
client`s production stoppages, are expressly excluded.
5 – The parts to be replaced shall be sent at the expense of the client to the vendor`s premises. The vendor
will replace the parts as promptly as possible and deliver them to his own workshop. The replaced parts
belonging to the client remain at his disposal for eight days, during which time they may be collected; after
such time the vendor is authorized to consider them as scrap of his own property, with no indemnity
6 – The investigation of the faults and their causes will take place at the vendor`s workshops and all relative
costs shall be for the client`s account. The client shall also bear the costs of all inspections which may be
requested in any circumstances. Under no circumstances may the client demand the termination of the
7 – The warranty is not transferable and is valid only for the party to whom the invoice is addressed.
8 – The warranty shall not be valid in the event of any of the following conditions:
a) payments not made by the client according to the agreed terms
b) tampering with the supplies without the explicit authorization of the vendor
c) improper use of the supplies
d) lack of maintenance
e) assembly, modification or replacement of parts of the supply
MO-MPF-203 REV. 1.0 del 10/03/2015 6
1 – The prices laid down in this order confirmation are ex-works, vendor`s premises, net of VAT.
2 – Any variation of more than 5% in the cost of labor or materials during the period of production up to the
time of delivery shall be passed on to the client, who hereby declares his acceptance.
1 – Invoices that are not disputed within eight days of issue shall be deemed to be accepted.
2 – Payments shall be made directly to the vendor or other person with regular mandate to collect
payments, or in the manner indicated in the order confirmation and the invoice.
3 – Claims concerning the execution of the order shall not give the right to the client to suspend payments,
and no claims concerning the supply shall be accepted if the client has not complied with the payment
4 – Modified as per point 7.
5 – In the event of the non-payment of even one installment the client shall be held in default with the
consequent termination of the contract without formal notice.
6 – The breach of the payment terms shall lead to the right of the vendor to suspend the execution of his
contractual obligations and to rescind the contract by written notice and to claim for damages.
1 – The vendor shall not be liable in the event of damage, due to climatic events, break-ins, theft, fire or any
other unforeseen event or force majeure, to sold goods which are held at the vendor`s premises except for
the normal guarantees to third parties, excluding in any case any greater liability.
2 – The vendor guarantees that the goods supplied have been checked and inspected prior to sale and that
the delivered goods are therefore free from defects.
3 – The construction techniques are the most advanced and assure the production of the highest quality,
cutting-edge goods.
4 – The client undertakes as a consequence to notify the vendor immediately of any defects found, also by
third parties, in order to allow the prompt verification of the defects on the product.
5 – As this supply concerns the sale of components to be incorporated in other goods, the client undertakes
to follow the procedure laid down in Italian Presidential Decree (DPR) no. 224 of 24/05/88 and immediately
notify the vendor.
6 – Concerning the exclusion of the vendor`s responsibility, refer to the provisions of art. 6 of DPR no. 224 of
1 – Orders made to representatives are subject to the approval of the vendor, the availability of the goods at
the time of order receipt, the existence of market conditions and the solvency of the client.
1 – Any disputes shall be referred to the courts of Milan. Bills of exchange, acceptance of payment, elected
domicile for bills of exchange, shipments with and without check, debt collection by specifically appointed
persons, shall not in any way modify such jurisdiction