Drive couplings provide the means by which power is transmitted from the electric motor or engine to the hydraulic pump. By virtue of their flexible structure, they are able to compensate angular and radial misalignments between motor and pump, and appreciably attenuate the noise generated through the drive line. The couplings are available in aluminium and cast iron versions, with a variety of spider options, and will cover a range of applications using electric motors from size 63 up to size 400.
In particular:
- cast iron half-coupling SGEG available with screw mounted
- steel half-couplings SGES and SGDR available with screw


Flexible half couplings

In aluminium, cast iron, steel and low-noise versions

Power transmission products for hydraulic and lubrication systems connecting gear/piston/screw/vane pumps with IEC electric motors from size 63 up to size 355


Flexible half couplings

In aluminium, steel and cast iron

Suitable for applications for assembling electric motors from (Gear Ratio) gr. 63 to gr. 315 and internal combustion engines up to 7.5 Kw (10hp).  Thanks to their standard length they guarantee flexibility during assembly.


Engine flexible half couplings

Steel half couplings specifically designed to suit high torque applications with parallel or splined shafts, easy to install and save time on maintenance and repairs


Complete Coupling

Available in aluminium, cast iron, and steel.
NBR or Polyurethane spider.

They can be used for mounting electric motors and gear pumps, piston pumps, and screw pumps.