June 10, 2021
zerospark is MP Filtri`s latest innovative product, created solve problems with electrical charge building up inside filters - a major cause of electrostatic discharge. This phenomenon can not only cause damage to the filter elements, oils and the various components of the circuits, but in the most serious cases can lead to fires in environments where flammable materials are present. 
Charge build-up on filters occurs due to static effects, which occur when two bodies with very different charge come into contact. 
The body with the higher electronegativity strips electrons from the other, resulting in a net negative charge build-up. The other body is charged by the same amount, but with the opposite sign, generating potential differences which, if not dissipated, can create electrostatic discharges.
Tackling this issue was the main objective that has led to the creation of zerospark product. By replacing certain insulating components with conductive zerospark versions, the operation of an electrical circuit is reproduced inside the filter itself. In this way, to the charges on the filter media are free to move towards the header and are dissipated to earth.
The advantages of zerospark are many. In addition to eliminating the triboelectric effect in the filter elements, it allows the dissipation of accumulated charges, high and long-lasting performance, increased safety, resistance to cyclic flow and optimisation of weight and material costs. 
MP Filtri was able to develop zerospark, thanks to the tests carried out with the state-of-the-art test bench designed and built in collaboration with the Department of Electrical Energy of the University of Bologna. This bench allows tests to be carried out under different flow and temperature conditions for both in-line filters (e.g. FMM) and return filters (MPFX) up to 250 l/min.