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Company Profile

Company Profile


Our industrial craftsmanship and capacity to supply tailor-made products and systems allowed us to grow so rapidly that in just a few years our sales networks had to be significantly expanded with the opening of new production facilities and our first sales points abroad, thereby extending our presence in new markets.
In the 1980s we built a new foundry and took over an entire mechanical engineering plant, and in 2002 we opened another factory at Pessano con Bornago, combining highly functional production processes with advanced logistics and a prestigious image.
Our group also has several sales and assistance subsidiaries to provide support for customers at an international level.

Industry Leader

MP Filtri is a worldwide leader in the field of hydraulic filtration equipment.
Our customer-oriented philosophy, which enables us to satisfy all customer requests rapidly and with personalised products, makes us a dynamic and flexible enterprise. The possibility of constantly controlling and monitoring the entire production process is essential to allow us to guarantee the quality of our products.
We have a comprehensive presence in all markets, both geographically and for different industrial sectors. As much as 70% of our production output is for the foreign market, with the residual 30% distributed in Italy.
The group’s six foreign sales divisions are located in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada and China, and we recently opened new branches at Bangalore in India, with MP Filtri India, and in Russia, with Italfiltri, based in Moscow. These foreign locations enable us to offer a diversified range of products that allow us to successfully face the aggressive challenge of international competition, and also to maintain a stable presence at a local level.

Human Resources

MP Filtri boasts a young and dynamic team of some 300 skilled employees, all highly motivated, qualified and firm believers in the jobs they do, eager to grow and committed to innovation.
Their creative capacities and technical and organisational skills decisively enhance the know-how of our group, representing an essential point of reference which allows us to maintain an authoritative presence in international markets.

Technology and Production

Our constant quest for excellence in quality and technological innovation allows us to offer only the best solutions and services for applications in many fields, including general industry, test rigs, lubrication, heavy engineering, renewable energies, naval engineering, offshore engineering, aviation systems, emerging technologies and mobile plant (tractors, excavators, concrete pumps, platforms).
Our high level of technological expertise means we can rely entirely on our own resources, without resorting to external providers. This in turn enables us to satisfy a growing number of customer requests, also exploiting our constantly updated range of machines and equipment, featuring fully-automated workstations capable of 24-hour production.
MP Filtri can offer a vast and articulated range of products for the global market, suitable for all industrial sectors using hydraulic equipment. This includes filters (suction, in-line, pressure, stainless steel, spin-on and return) and structural components (motor/pump bell housings, transmission couplings, flexible inserts, damper rings, support feet, aluminium tanks, inspection hatches).
We can provide all the skills and solutions required by the modern hydraulics industry to monitor contamination levels and other fluid conditions.
Mobile filtration units and a full range of accessories allow us to supply everything necessary for complete hydraulic circuits.

CMP Division

We dedicate particular attention to Research & Development.
At the CMP Division research facility in the UK, MP Filtri designs, creates and updates high-technology products to track the resistance, filtration and monitoring of contamination in hydraulic fluids, and the accumulation of pollutants.
This is also where high-quality instruments are designed and constructed for portable use and laboratory applications.

Certified Quality

Quality is a fundamental condition and a crucial principle for all our products.
The battery of tests, analysis and checks that we subject them to is an eloquent example of the vocation for reliability that has distinguished our corporate philosophy since the outset.
Over the last few years, MP Filtri has obtained ISO 9001 certification for its quality system, followed more recently by Vision 2000 certification, and all company functions are governed by these standards.
Gost-R is a certification of conformity with the standards and requirements of the Russian Federation.
This ceaseless activity of controls from raw materials right through to the packing and shipping of final products is the best possible guarantee of quality for all our customers.


MP Filtri promotes its products at all the main world trade fairs of the sector. Our company is also present in the main trade and specialist journals, and in the Italian financial press. Accurate information and updates for stakeholders are published regularly on our website.