Suppliers Quality Manager - Italy HQ

We are looking for a candidate with a diploma or university degree in a technical subject, preferably engineering or related, and having substantial work experience in hydraulics or electronics gained within companies with a modern organisation. 
  • Permanent employment contract
  • Full-time
  • Hierarchy: Quality Manager
  • Place of employment: Pessano con Bornago (Milan) - Italy
  • Travel time: 30% pre-COVID
Your role:
As part of the Quality division, you will be responsible for the validation of suppliers during the development of the project and until start of production. You will be responsible for internally validating the product until the start of the product run. More specifically:

1. Supplier performance

Practices aimed at optimising supplier performance and capabilities:
  • Maintaining a list of approved suppliers and supporting activities towards the qualification of new suppliers, including suppliers’ quality system and past performance assessments.
  • Monitoring supplier performance data to identify trends, analyse continuous improvement opportunities and implement supplier improvement actions.
  • Satisfying and exceeding supplier performance-related customer requirements in terms of on-time deliveries, quality and overall performance.
  • Initiating computer-based acquisition of inspection data for incoming goods trend analysis and for advanced supplier performance scorecard reporting.
  • Introducing supplier performance metrics, with quarterly assessments applied over a global and diversified production base.
  • Building partnership relationships with suppliers, ensuring prompt, regular and constant replies and exchange of information in order to foster the supplier’s growth in relation to the company’s quality needs.
2. Continuous improvement

The process of continuous improvement involves constantly improving products, services and processes through innovative ideas. This organised approach helps organisations identify their weaknesses, improve them, and:
  • Achieve internal zero quality incident goals by successfully leading supplier audits in order to identify shortcomings and drive continuous improvement.
  • Draw up, analyse and interpret actual and predictive metrics, leveraging results into continuous improvement strategies.
  • Support the purchasing department in the selection of suppliers and monitoring of scorecards in order to foster continuous improvement.
  • Ensure supplier 8D reports are correctly provided within the deadlines.
3. Product quality

Product quality is the cornerstone of a company. Improving the quality of the product also means improving incoming goods from existing defects to ensure customer satisfaction. This requires:
  • Developing strategies for improvement of the goods and processes procured from suppliers for the betterment of the customer’s satisfaction, product quality and operating effectiveness.
  • Managing incoming quality inspection activities, ensuring compliance with specifications and supporting implementation of the product’s quality standards.
  • Conducting supplier quality audits to ensure the quality of the products and their compliance with contract requirements.

The Production Part Approval Process, or PPAP, is an essential method to ensure that a company’s products and services are high-quality and have been subject to a production process whereby requirements are guaranteed in a preventive manner.
Therefore, as the SQM you will:
  • Examine the PPAPs sent by suppliers for approval/rejection.
  • Follow the guided implementation of the PPAP programme, designed to ensure that the product meets every design requirement and processes are within design parameters.
  • Establish the PPAP with the most important suppliers in order to eliminate 100% of customer complaints during new launches.
  • Train suppliers and establish standard automotive quality procedures.
5. Quality requirements

As the SQM you will:
  • Develop and publish a global manual for suppliers defining the key quality requirements they must meet.
  • Foster supplier development towards meeting increasingly higher quality requirements and expectations.
  • Work alongside the purchasing department to define strategic supplier development programmes in line with quality requirements.
As a guarantor of supplier product quality, proficiency in handling external supplier audits according to IATF 16949 or ISO 9001 is required.
  • Knowledge of industrial hydraulics and hydraulic filtration in particular (hydraulic circuit, control units, pumps, valves, tanks, filters, etc.)
  • Knowledge of electronics as applied to industrial products
  • Problem-solving orientation
  • Excellent relationship building and organisational skills; reactive and receptive
  • Good English language proficiency, both spoken and written
  • Available to travel throughout the country and, occasionally, abroad 
6. Soft Skills required
  • Communication skills
  • Motivation and adaptability
  • Accountability
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict negotiation and resolution
  • Authority
  • Leadership

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