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MP Filtri's mission began in the 1960s. Since then, constant research and development have made us one of the world's top manufacturers of hydraulic filters.

With over forty years of experience behind us, MP Filtri plays a leading role in hydraulic filtration, and boasts a product range wide enough to satisfy customer needs in all areas of manufacturing.

Many years have passed since 1964, when Bruno Pasotto first decided to satisfy the growing demand for hydraulic filters from a market that was still relatively unexplored. The quality of MP Filtri's products proved so attractive compared to that of the big international filters manufacturers, that the young company soon found it indispensable to open sales outlets in other countries. MP Filtri expanded rapidly into new export markets and quickly established subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, the USA and Canada.

MP Filtri continued to grow throughout the 1980s, forming the MP Filtri Group of companies. A new foundry was constructed and a mechanical engineering company was also acquired. The leading industrial grouping that emerged was capable of handling every phase of the manufacturing process, from the aluminium ingot to final assembly, under constant monitoring and tight quality control.

Today, MP Filtri designs, develops, manufactures and distributes a vast range of hydraulic filters as well as a complete range of power transmission components and accessories for hydraulic power units. In particular, MP Filtri pursues an ambitious programme of product customisation to satisfy even the most specific customer requests, and handles every phase of the manufacturing process not only for standard products but for special products too.

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